Advertising on sugar sachets

Each sugar sachet is a real impact.

The sugar sachet is a vector of simple communication and innovation as an integral part of our daily life.

Do you have visibility in restaurants, cafes and hotels in your area?

When it is still not consumed, it communicates your message and corporate identity in a positive and effective manner.

With a very low cost (0.040-0.052 CHF per sachet) and in special moments of relax after a meal or during coffee break, your message will capture the consumer's attention immediately.

You guarantee real impacts in strategic places in your business region: via hotels, restaurants, pubs, pizzerias, road and highway restaurants and cafeterias, offices, salons, tea-rooms, etc…

Stay close to your customers every day and share with them moments of relaxation.

The image of your company and your promotions are highly accepted by an innovative and public distribution; you can choose the places and have a special audience with a very high circulation.

In our country, the café owners, hoteliers and restaurateurs buy sugar that is served with hot drinks. This market represents 3 million portions distributed every day on Swiss tables.

Our company offers you to communicate with the sugar sachets, spreading your advertisements on each side of the sachets in your favorite establishments.

Your support is visible and palpable with each coffee by allowing restaurant customers to have hands on your bag and memorize during daytime your business and your advertising message.

The distribution is divided into several methods:

  • Via a list of restauranteurs of your choice;
  • Concentrated geographic distribution (cantons, cities, districts);
  • By type of establishment (lounge bars, restaurants, tea rooms);
  • Via food wholesalers (in order to affect a whole region of Switzerland).